5 Successful Examples of Our All-Round Interactive and Rendering Solutions

Architectural renderings have revolutionized the way businesses and designers visualize and communicate their projects. These vivid, detailed images bring architectural concepts to life, allowing clients, designers, and other stakeholders to see the potential of a space before any physical work begins. Renderings serve as a powerful tool for elevating business by enhancing presentations, securing client approvals, and facilitating better planning and resource allocation.

Karina Pavlovskaya Vero

by Karina Pavlovskaya

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Their versatility extends beyond mere presentation; they are integral in design iterations, marketing, and stakeholder engagement. By examining real-life architectural case studies, we can explore the profound impact of renderings across various stages of project development. Each example not only highlights the practical applications of renderings but also underscores their transformative effect on the design process and business outcomes.


Sky Gardens

The first real-life example we will discuss is a project titled Sky Gardens in the heart of Hyderabad, India.

A successful real-world architectural rendering example
Sky Garden is a stunning example of architectural rendering

Project Description

Sky Gardens is a unique project inspired by sustainable ideas embodied in a functional design. It is a successful combination of nature, nurture, and modernity. The rendering team faced the challenge of designing a logo and visual brand elements for the Sky Gardens brand that would instantly resonate with the project's philosophy and image. 


The team needed to visually capture the future building, its interiors, and its infrastructure, conveying the unique experience intended for its occupants. The solutions proposed to meet the desired objectives included: still images, motion logo and brand style, an apartment finder feature and an interior web tour, as well as a touch screen application and an entire website.

A beautiful collage of an architectural rendering example
A striking example of 3d architectural rendering


For this project, we came up with a comprehensive set of marketing and sales assets, with coherent branding, a fully functional and appealing website, and intuitive CRM-integrated interactive tools. The client soon found the new assets produced a great amount of new leads and elevated sales to a brand-new level.



Another of our 3D rendering examples is the Valley Project in Amsterdam – a stunning skyscraper that takes you on a journey into the green.

A stunning 3D architectural rendering example
Valley Project is a powerful 3D rendering example

Project Description

For the Valley Project, we were asked to create an immersive digital experience portraying the facility while it was still a work in progress. Over the next six years, we established an incredibly positive relationship and rapport with the client, and as the project grew, our understanding of it expanded.


In the beginning, we focused on pure visualizations, when the project was still in the concept phase. It took a lot of brainstorming to reach the final product: an innovative touchscreen solution, tightly integrated with the client’s CRM system. The toolkit included still images, 360 images, branding movie, apartment finder, VR Experience, and a sales touch tool.

3D architectural rendering example takes you on a journey
A journey with a 3D rendering example


We took it upon ourselves to dwell into the most minute details of each area: interiors were made to show the lifestyle and functionality of the space. As for the façade, no plant was random. The green wall is a careful and deliberate combination of diverse plant species with various periods of vegetation. The integrated apartment finder linked to the CRM provides property-related data and performance statistics. Within three months of the launch of the new toolkit, the number of leads coming through the website and other channels grew significantly.



Blinq is a modern residential complex: while each of the buildings has its unique character, they all come together as a perfect whole.

Example of complex residential architectural rendering
Blinq is an example of complex residential architectural rendering

Project Description

The team was assigned to craft atmospheric visualizations of the residential complex and develop a functional, user-friendly website for prospective buyers. The renderings needed to capture the architectural uniqueness of each of the buildings and their cohesive unity within the complex, portraying it as a secure, modern urban haven with comprehensive facilities.


With the target audience in mind, we created a toolkit to optimize the sales funnel for the apartments in question. We included still and motion images, an apartment finder, a web tour, and a complete website. 

Emotionally engaging 3d rendering examples
3d rendering examples capture the atmosphere


The client received a selling platform featuring interactive content for potential apartment buyers at every sales stage. Vivid, emotionally engaging real estate visualizations drew attention to the residential complex. An engaging web tour and spinner increased user engagement on the website, boosting conversion rates.


The Pulse

Orange brickwork with white window frames and bay windows is an embodiment of the old Amsterdam. The Pulse is a project that successfully combines the local with the global vibe, becoming a gateway to the city’s knowledge quarter. 

A real-world architectural rendering embodies old Amsterdam
Pulse renders the old Amsterdam architecture

Project Description

The client approached us with existing visualizations, a corporate identity, and well-defined project positioning. The VERO team was tasked with vitalizing the project digitally—creating a dynamic digital ecosystem equipped with interactive marketing tools for the sales stage. We aimed to offer potential clients a comprehensive digital experience of The Pulse, showcasing its living spaces, leisure facilities, working spots, and green environment.


We created an intuitive and immersive platform to highlight the versatility of the project. We decided to incorporate a variety of interactive and visual tools, such as animation, AR app, spinner and 360 images for an elevated user experience. 

A 3d architectural rendering example for every stage of the sales funnel
A 3d architectural rendering example showcases versatility


The main deliverable was a sales platform filled with interactive content for potential apartment buyers at every stage of the sales funnel. An efficient web tour and a spinner increased users’ time spent on the website, which, in turn, increased the conversion.



The Innovation Queens project speaks volumes of the cultural fabric of the Astoria district. A perfect space for creative industries, the facility spans from 37th to 34th Streets of New York City.

A diversity of architectural renderings
Title: Innovation Project focuses on a range of architectural renderings

Project Description

QNS, a vast multi-functional neighborhood set for completion in the coming years, needed engaging visual content for upcoming development phases. The developer emphasized the importance of showcasing a diverse range of spaces, lifestyles, atmospheres, and social values in the images, all while capturing New York's vibrant city mood across different seasons.


This time, we focused on a diversity of architectural renderings. We incorporated an aerial view visualization combined with bright exterior renders to show the scale of this imposing project and to tell a story of a space where creative souls can find respite and inspiration in every season of the year.

A case study of stunning architectural rendering examples
A collection of engaging 3d architectural renderings


We presented the client with a full package of visualization. The content can be used in any communication channel, while the Innovation Queens is still in progress. This is to build anticipation and create associations before the grand premiere.



This article presents five case studies demonstrating the practical applications of architectural renderings in various projects. Each study highlights how renderings have been instrumental in visualizing potential outcomes, facilitating stakeholder communication, and enhancing project marketing. The case studies also explore the wide variety of available state-of-the-art technologies, we juggled AR and VR, still and motion images, spinners and 3D tours to guarantee an immersive user experience.

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