The Pulse mixed-used project

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In Amsterdam

There is no other place for The Pulse to have been developed. Looking at its distinctive ‘Amsterdam School’ style of orange brickwork, white window frames, and prominent bays, you simply know this building could only have been erected in the very place. And that place is Amsterdam.

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Team task


The client turned to us when they had already had several visualizations, a corporate identity, and a clear project positioning. VERO team was required to breathe virtual life into the project - to create an effective digital ecosystem with the necessary interactive tools for marketing the project at the sales stage. We wanted to give the potential clients a digital experience with all 4 parts of The Pulse: living spaces, leisure facilities, working spots, and a green environment.

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As a solution, we developed a user-friendly platform which offers a total immersion into the project space. We paid exceptional attention to highlighting the multifunctionality of The Pulse yet provided the user with simple and intuitive tools for searching and selecting a property.

That is why the VERO team focused on developing a website that features a smart combination of various interactive and visual products, such as

  • 360 images
  • animation
  • AR app
  • spinner
  • website


case pulse interactive
balance between luxury and cosy environment
place where you feel home and always want to get back - homey details, telling story of real people

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In this case, we created an animated scene with a panoramic view to show the smooth movement through the main towers of The Pulse. It gives a clear idea of what the whole ensemble looks like and flatters a huge green space integrated into it.This animation turned out to be really efficient when it came to further promo content and branded video.

digital commercial tools

pulse digital commercial tools
digital commercial tools


This Spinner was created for the user to get a clear idea of the building structure and floorplans. We kept the design and navigation nice and simple. There’s not a single detail that makes the UX heavy. Using this Spinner you can appreciate a smooth and user-friendly experience. Just take a look at the screen below.

pulse spinner
pulse digital commercial tools
pulse design

Clean design
with the focus on
the main benefits

pulse infographic

Construction tracking
with an infographic

pulse concept

Attention to the concept
by telling a story

pulse examples for clients

“Teaching” the clients
using examples

pulse contact with audience

Continuously maintaining
contact with the audience
through a News page

Project Summary

  • VERO team

Rustam Kerimov – Innovation Director

Vladimir Solovenyuk – Interactive developer

Hanna Kupruk – Designer

Ivan Galimov - CG Artist

Viktor Volochko - CG artist

  • Client

Developer - EDGE, VORM