Blinq residential project in Rotterdam

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Ambitious comfort

Blinq is a residential complex of 4 apartment buildings situated in a picturesque and cozy area of Rotterdam.

sky gardens branding
sky gardens branding
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Team task


VERO team was tasked to create atmospheric visualizations of the residential complex and a functional and user-friendly website for future apartment buyers. In renderings, it was important to show the uniqueness of the architecture and the ideas of each of the four buildings and their unity in the overall ensemble – a safe and secure place with all the facilities a modern city has to offer.


The website was supposed to become a simple and convenient online guide to the residential complex. It was supposed to make it easy for each potential buyer to find their own best format of housing.

case study for architecture exterior
case study for architecture exterior


The VERO expert group analyzed the project’s target audience and decided to create a functional package of tools listed below. It aimed to create an effective sales funnel for apartments in the residential complex with an emphasis on different products at each conversion point on the customer journey. Here’s what we developed for the project:

  • still images
  • motion images
  • 360 images
  • animation
  • apartment finder
  • web tours
  • website


enterprise architecture case study
balance between luxury and cosy environment
local plants
amazing variety of greenery
place where you feel home and always want to get back - homey details, telling story of real people

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Still images

Residential projects are always about people. You can see people's stories in each render.The diversity of people shows that Blinq suits everyone.

sky gardens branding
sky gardens branding
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architecture case study sky gardens
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Residential complex is always a very private choice.
When a human is going to live, sleep and spend personal time in his new place it's critically important to show him the space in all possible details. To help to awake his imagination. That is why our decision was to make animated scenes of interior tour.

digital commercial tools

digital commercial tools


In real estate marketing, both a “website” and an “apartment finder” amount to the same thing. Today, it seems to be a very natural thing – using a Spinner for sales and marketing in the real estate business. We’ve already talked about its advantages above. No wonder we developed one for the Blinq project, and it turned out to be excellent.

blinq website
sky gardens digital commercial tools
sky gardens touch screen
digital commercial tools


Another useful tool that helps to engage the web site visitor in the exploring a new residential building interactively is a Web tour. Which did its job for the Blinq project as well.

Project Summary

  • VERO team

Karina Pavlovskaya - Senior PM

Vlad Bogachenkov - Senior Artist

Denis Klepkov - Senior Artist

Valeria Styopina - Junior PM

Arthur Iskandarov - CG Artist

Anna Bugor - CG Artist

Nikita Krotov - CG Artist

Ilya Mikhailov - CG Artist

Mikhail Narushevich - CG Artist

Rustam Kerimov - Innovation Director

Vladimir Solovenyuk - Interactive developer

Viktor Volochko - Interactive Artist

Sergey Taletski - Interactive Artist

Yana Churbakova - Interactive Artist

Hanna Kupruk - UX Designer

  • Special thanks

Kirill Voronovich - CG Artist

Anton Chernenko - Senior Artist

Alex Scherbina - CG Artist

Darya Trayan - CG Artist

  • Client

Developer - Van Wijnen

Architect - Groosman

Landscape design - ECHO