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"When there is an idea which has many other ideas inside - ask me and I will help to frame them and become tangible"

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Rustam Kerimov is the Innovation Director at VERO, where he manages his digital production team of 7, who create challenging interactive AR, VR, Mobile products, and websites.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in Belarus, two Master’s Degrees in Civil Engineering and Project Management plus his passion to communicate with people “can do” attitude swayed him to found the Innovation department at VERO Digital, where he monitors the trends in real estate technologies in conjunction with abundant business analytics, upselling activities, and bags of client communication.

When he is not busy project planning and coming up with innovative ideas for the future, he enjoys learning about interesting historical events, architecture, and ethnography (the study of individual cultures). Additionally, Rustam admires music, and this admiration was the catalyst of his incredible electric guitar skills that he constantly improves.

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