Benefits of Real Estate Mobile App Development

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by Rustam Kerimov

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In almost any business, a mobile app is always a pleasant addition to your line-up of offerings. It lends credibility to your brand and helps give the impression that you are on the cutting edge of today’s technology. However, a well-designed, feature-rich mobile application is much more than just a cosmetic addition to your marketing repertoire. There are many tangible benefits to be had if you put the work into developing a well-thought-out mobile application. In this article, we take a look at what those are, and what you should ideally be gaining from your app.

The Growing Importance of Real Estate Mobile Application

The growth of mobile communication in recent years has been exponential. Meaning, whatever industry you may be in, you ignore it at your own peril. The real estate industry has moved to take advantage of the benefits mobile apps offer. Exploiting all capabilities mobile devices possess, developers can use real estate app features  that add value to the customer experience. Technology packed into mobile devices presents opportunities to make life easier for real estate clients in many interesting ways. A real estate application can take advantage of things like GPS, augmented and virtual reality in order to help create engaging and helpful resources to help meet the clients’ needs. The fact that the customer can take these services with them wherever they go simply adds even more value to the proposition.

Benefits of Real Estate Mobile App Development

Unlike other industries where the functions performed by mobile apps can be replicated on other platforms – on a website for example, this industry makes use of the hardware and functionality that are unique to mobile devices. Using its gyroscope, a smartphone can determine its orientation in space, with GPS location, and has multiple cameras. This makes it possible for developers to provide customers with experiences like virtual tours, or, place virtual buildings in real spaces where users can walk around them and preview them using mobile devices.

The possibilities for functionality are many, and they continuously increase as technology improves. But the benefits of real estate mobile development are not just customer-facing. So here are some of the advantages that it brings to the business.

Customer Communication Establishment

Mobile devices are most people’s connection to the world. The technology has advanced so far, and so quickly, that it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the fact that first and foremost, mobile devices are meant for communication. By convincing a client or lead to install your app, you get a direct line of communication with them. You can get their attention at any time of the day, wherever they may be. Keeping this in mind, with an appreciation of the privilege and understanding of the show of trust from the client that this is, you will want to ensure that your application brings value to your customer and that the content of your communication is personally relevant to them.

Accurate Customer Targeting

Another advantage of mobile app development for real estate is the enhanced ability to reach specific clients. A mobile application gives you a greater view of user behavior, offering you the opportunity to learn about what your clients’ preferences are. This means you are able to align your messages to the right clients, and better connect them to products or services that are relevant to them. With enough data, it is even possible to implement AI-driven features that will give you even more insight. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been used to run predictive analytics and enable companies to devise proactive strategies. This personalized data-driven communication is crucial to the user experience. If your app keeps pushing irrelevant notifications, it will only serve to irritate the user. However, if the app works as it is supposed to and delivers what the client needs, it can serve you in a way no other platforms are able to.

Market Reach Increase

Statistics show that over 80% of the world’s population owns a smartphone. And close to a whopping 15 billion, a huge number of mobile devices that operate worldwide is much higher. The opportunity there is obvious. With an app, real estate businesses can reach far more people than just by using traditional channels. People who spend most of their time on the go will still be able to interact with your business and make purchase decisions. This means you stay top of mind for a much larger number of leads while they weigh their options. With a well-defined strategy, you can recognize at what point they are in the sales funnel, provide them with the information they need, and help move them towards making that all-important purchase decision.

Brand Promotion

Average screen time statistics will tell you the average person is glued to their mobile phone for hours every day. If you want to keep people aware of your brand, you’ll certainly want a share of that screen time. Without a mobile application, your brand will simply disappear into a sea of competing voices in the advertising space. An app is a more concrete way to ensure that people remain aware of your brand. It is important to note, however, that the quality of your application plays a crucial role here. Satisfied customers will view your brand positively and even help to promote it in their circles. If you give them a poor user experience though, this will only serve to bring more harm than good to your brand. Ensure you have a high-quality real estate app that users will enjoy, and will find value in interacting with.

Leads Retaining and Sales Increase

The presence of your app on a person’s device means that they have taken steps to complete a call to action. More than that, they have followed through and downloaded and installed the app. This means that your app users represent a community of the most promising leads that are likely to convert. Focusing on this group will help your business to increase sales. If your app is well-designed, it will provide not only added value to your clients but also useful analytics. You can leverage this data to ensure that you respond to the needs of your prospective clients in a timely and proactive way, and subsequently increase sales.

Commissions Earning

A real estate mobile app can also provide a source of revenue. This is not just from direct sales of your own products or services, but from sales generated through affiliate links that you display within your application. You may, of course, elect not to add any advertising to your app and keep it clean that way, or you can show adverts to your clients and earn a percentage of any sales that are made through those links. If your clients see adverts that are relevant to them, or tied to your product in some meaningful way, this might even improve their experience and provide them with even more value.


There are many benefits of real estate mobile application development. It therefore only makes sense to invest in developing one for your company. It is important to keep in mind, however, that simply having an app does not make success. It is crucial that your solution provides tangible benefits that are personally relevant to your clients. Only then can you begin to enjoy the rewards that we have outlined here.

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