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"Every project deserves a unique identity. Looking for it is the most exciting journey I can imagine"

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Denis Balabaev is the Creative Director here at VERO, managing a team of 15 talented artists. This team is the heart of the company, a place where we create exciting hyper-realistic visualizations for architects and developers all over the world. Denis’ varied background enables him to operate and oversee all processes at the intersection of creativity and technology.

Denis possesses a unique set of skills: the ability to make top-level archviz and talk about it in a very detailed and rational way, much like a scientist. All the above makes him an effective influencer among our team of experts.

Being a CG Artist is not just a profession but rather a way of thinking and perceiving the world. Denis takes his passions into his personal life too; sharply noticing the intricacies and quality of CGI in films, his favorite ones being Interstellar, Blade Runner 2049 and DUNE because these films demonstrate a stellar combination of high-quality computer graphics, staging, script and music, collectively transforming the cinematographic elements into different art forms.

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